Fishing for ideas

The joke in our house is that we are sort of like the Bubba Gump of the fish world.  We have fish tacos, fish burgers, raw fish, grilled fish, baked fish, seared fish, and on and on.   We have our favorite recipes, which we will share here as we make them, and will post results of our experiments as well!  If you have ideas or suggestions for fish preparations- namely, mahi, ahi and ono (and please, for you mainland readers, let me know if you need translations- this time its ‘dorado, tuna and wahoo’)!

As a little background, Matt is a full-time school teacher and a part-time commercial fisherman.  He fishes off our boat ‘Sweet Alexandra’, along Maui’s North Shore.  He sells the majority of his catch to local restaurants and fish wholesalers, and usually keeps one or two of the smaller fish for us.

This is not one of the smaller fish…  


One response to “Fishing for ideas

  1. Is this Jenny and Forrest with tonights dinner?! Wow, look at that dorado! Personally I like to steam it in ti leaves and serve with banana salsa and also steamed Moloka’i sweet potatoes… everything from the back yard, except the fish for me!!!! Yum!!

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