How ‘Getting Fresh on Maui’ started…

I’m returning to the blogosphere, after a lengthy hiatus following my volunteer post as the Maui blogger for a now defunct Honolulu-based news paper.   Please bear with me as I get up to speed again.   I have wanted to start a food blog for a while, but needed some sort of theme.  I honestly considered spending an entire year shopping exclusively at Costco, unless something was crucial and unavailable at the big C.  I thought the corporate sponsorship opportunities would be great, but wasn’t sure how practical it would be.  However, once I signed up with Kula Fields, a fruit and vegetable delivery service, a new idea popped into my head.  What will I do with each week’s produce selection?  Will it turn soggy and wither away in my fridge? Or will it become a delicious, healthy, and inspired meal with which I will feed my family?  Stay tuned to find out- as tonight is the first delivery of yummy local goods.


One response to “How ‘Getting Fresh on Maui’ started…

  1. Bravo for stepping out of Costco and exploring the beautiful bounty of Maui’s perfectly-climated-to-grow-year-rounds produce! As a home gardener myself, I can attest to the quality and taste between a just-picked hand of salad, to one that has been sitting in cellophane on a chilled shelf for some weeks prior to consuming… I am sure you will discover, that as far as your fruits and veges go, there will be no turning back! … I look forward to reading your upcoming posts about your inspired meals, and hope to be inspired myself to try something new. aloha.

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