Local Love on Valentine’s Day

Matt and I have always shunned restaurants on Valentine’s Day, as I find cooking with your partner to be very romantic, and besides, we normally eat better at home anyway.  Once kids became part of the equation, things didn’t really change, even if it was slightly less ‘intimate’.

In years past we’ve made cornish games hens, because there’s something strangely sensual about tearing apart a tiny, delicious chicken with your hands, but with fresh fish in the fridge, it seemed kind of silly to get the little birds.  I came up with the side dish of marinated sliced beets (thinly sliced with my new mandolin cut into heart shaped and letters) with goat cheese, and beet greens, sauteed with garlic and craisins. Matt created the fish dish, searing some ahi (big-eye tuna, which he caught), that was wrapped in nori and crusted with pistachios.  We threw on some Kula avocados for good measure, and viola!

Dessert was a classic flourless chocolate cake.   Matt’s parents came for dinner the night before, as his ER nurse mother was called in for the night shift on the holiday.   I made a quick, healthy strawberry shortcake, since we had berries and whip cream.   Matt nervously asked if we could still have chocolate cake for Valentines!   I made the cake early in the day, maybe just a little too early as I couldn’t resist taking a small slice.


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