Fake it

Its just me tonight.  Hubby is off at a ‘board meeting’ and little girl is out with a funny tummy.  I’m cooking for myself.  I popped a frozen Kirkland pizza in the oven, and while it’s quite good for a frozen pizza, it wasn’t quite going to do it for me.  Simultaneously, I was trying to go over my remaining produce from the Kula Fields delivery and see what I could make.  Pineapple, bananas, tomatoes- gone.  Some basil, arugula, and lettuce remain, plus an onion, but those things usually last for a while, plus I use onions all the time so I wasn’t particularly worried about that fragrant little guy.  But the arugula sparked something in my head, and it quickly joined with some leftover goat cheese on the top of the pizza.

I cooked the pizza for almost the recommended time, then took it out and arranged some arugula and goat cheese on top, then popped it back in the oven for a couple minutes, for it to just melt on the top a bit.  It was really heaven in my mouth, and honestly, you could serve this at a dinner party and no one would ever be the wiser.

Costco Pizza (shh... ) with arugula and goat cheese

4 responses to “Fake it

  1. (Out of curiosity, have you tried the pre-made pizza dough from Whole Foods?)
    I love Arugula. I grow heaps of it in the back yard… easy to grow, btw….. re seeds itself happily…..
    So, here is my arugula thing these days. For breakfast I often make a BB&G sandwich, which stands for Butter and Bitter Greens……
    – a GIANT handful of freshly picked backyard bitter greens (arugula, radicchio, chicory, tatsoi, baby kale, lettuce, parsley… any variety…)
    -smashed down between two slices of thick, heavily buttered sourdough toast…
    – (bacon optional)
    It is sooooooo good, obviously the bacon takes it over the edge, but even without, the combo of a rich fat (butter) tempering the bitter/spicy greens, is such a delight. I feel on top of the world with this breakfast. I prefer the sourdough loaves at Mana Foods or Whole Foods, we go through at least a couple a week…..

    • I make my own dough in the bread maker. As long as I make it 2 hours before I want the pizza, I’m all set. So, no, I haven’t tried the one from Whole Foods. I wish I had time to garden with this little guy- I had a garden with Ali because she always slept 4 hours a day, and since I couldn’t really go anywhere, that was my activity. tristan is not a napper. that sandwich sounds good, especialy with the bacon

  2. WE have picked up a few pre-made pizzas and do the same – top on all sorts of yummy extras. A little extra veggies always goes a long way!
    Love the response too – will have to try growing my own arugula this summer! I am hooked!

  3. It’s absolutely amazing what we can do with the tidbits of foods in our homes! I like to add garlic, spinach, avocado, and oinions on almost everything! lol The pizza looks yummy 🙂 ~Pernisha G.

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