About ‘Getting Fresh’

Liz Smith is a stay-at-home mommy who prefers to cook, bake, go for a walk, or watch videos on hgtv.com instead of clean her house.  Consequently, her family is well-fed, she sports a lovely farmer’s tan, she longs to redecorate each room, and she always has piles of $*it all over her home.

Every Wednesday Liz gets a box of fresh, Maui-grown fruits and veggies delivered straight to her door, and every Sunday morning she awakens to the sounds of knives being sharpened and fresh caught fish being filleted outside her window.   This blog follows the trials and tribulations of what she can make with all these local goodies.

6 responses to “About ‘Getting Fresh’

  1. Why is fish being filleted outside of your window? Do you live with a fish monger? Your children will grow to appreciate fresh and delicious food for their whole lives to come, how lucky are they!!! Bravo!

    • hi! I’m not really updating ‘Getting Fresh’ anymore since i’m now focusing on the Maui Made blog… hope you can find that one! i guess since this was my first blog it was my default when i comment – i think i’ve changed that now though!

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